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A private members club for High-Net-Worth individuals. 
To become a member, you must;
  • Attend the meeting every month. If you are not able to attend you must provide a substitute who can represent you.
  • Have a high-net-worth and provable liquid assets of £100,000 or more. 
  • Be a contributing member of the group.
All member are vetted by us and have proven to be high-net-worth individuals with minimum liquid assets of £100,000 or more. 
What will happen at the meeting.
• Meetings start at 6pm and finish at 9pm once a month. Come early and start networking with other members.  

• At the start of the meeting every member will have 30 seconds to introduce themselves. Who they are, what they do, and what they're looking for from the group.

• Every meeting will have two start-up businesses pitching for investment. 

• At the end, there will be a networking event among the members, food and drinks will be provided. 

• This is a private group with a maximum of 50 members per chapter.

The Pitches
Every month we will invite 2 amazing startups to pitch to the group. 

These businesses are handpicked by us, are Highly Vetted and have had thorough due diligence done by our team. We are picking the best of the best startups to pitch to you.

(Investing is optional)
This is your personal network, all the members involved are part of your private inner circle not accessible to the outside world.

Remember, all members in this club are high-net-worth individuals like you. This is a great opportunity to grow your network and contacts.
Chapter Locations
San Francisco
Capacity: Full
New York
We have a strict selection process and only accept individuals who meet our criteria. To see if you qualify please complete the form below and we'll give you a call to go through the application process.
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